OSRBG Pre-order page

Meeting Date:  December 16, 2018 



I will be attending the monthly meeting of the Orchid Society of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario on Sunday, December 16.

Here is a list of plants available for pre-order.  If there is anything that you want to order, please let me know via e-mail and I'll bring the plants you've chosen to the meeting. 

E-mail: SSamarcotte@aol.com

 Thank you........and see you there!

Best Regards,

John Marcotte




Limited Quantities 



Bifrenaria harrisoniae 'Ruth' AM/AOS small BS division $35.00  

Bulbophyllum bicolor BS $20.00  

Catasetum schmidtianum x Orchidglade BS $40.00 

Cattleya amethystoglossa BS $35.00

Cattleya forbesii 'Renee' BS division $40.00

Cattleya araguaiensis 'Dandelion' BS division $60.00

Cattleya intermedia v. alba 'S.A.M.' BS division $60.00

Cattleya jenmanii v. tipo BS $60.00  

Cattleya Korat Spots 'Green Spot' small BS divisions $35.00  

Cattleya leuddemanniana small BS $45.00  

Cattleya leopoldii ('Super Dark' X 'Dark Prince') NBS $50.00  

Cattleya loddegessii 'Perfection' x self BS $55.00  

Cattleya maxima v. tipo BS $45.00  
Cattleya maxima v. tipo lg seedling to NBS $30.00  

Cattleya maxima v. alba in bud BS $60.00....sold  

Cattleya percivalliana v. semi-alba BS  in bud  $150.00  

Cattleya walkeriana v. alba 'Pendentive' AM/AOS BS division $60.00  

Cattleya warscewiczii v. alba BS $100.00  

Coelogyne lawrenceana NBS divisions $30.00  

Coelogyne massangeana.....BS.....$40.00

Coelogyne cristata BS divisions.....$25.00  
Coelogyne cristata NBS divisions.......$15.00  

Coelogyne cristata v. alba BS divisions $100.00  

Coelogyne Unchained Melody BS in spike $35.00  
Cymbidium ensifolium v. album BS $35.00
Cycnoches warscewiczii BS $40.00
Dendrobium subclausum BS $25.00
Disa uniflora, Kewensis, Auratkew, Betty's Bay, Izzy Klein. NBS $30.00, smBS $40.00, lgBS $50.00  

Dracula astuta BS $25.00  
Encyclia mooreana BS $25

Eucharis amazonica seedling-sized clones $10.00  

Laelia grandis BS $45.00 
Laelia harpophylla BS $35.00  
Laelia lobata v. alba BS $60.00
Laelia lobata v. alba 'Carlisle's Best' x self  Lg seedling  $30.00
Laelia lobata v. tipo BS division $50.00  
Laelia lundii 'Super Trouper' BS divisions $45.00 

Laelia rubescens BS division $45.00  
Maxillaria species BS $35.00  
Miltonia morelliana 'Royalty' AM/AOS BS 4 1/2" pot division $25.00 

Miltoniopsis Lennart Karl Gottling 'Hula Skirt' BS divisions $25.00  
Paph. armeniacum BS $50.00  
Paph. bellatulum 'Piggy' NBS division $60.00  
Paph. chamberlainianum BS $45.00  
Paph. charlesworthii NBS $35.00  
Paph. curtisii BS $45.00 
Paph. dayanum 'Giant' BS $120.00  
Paph. delenatii BS $45.00    
Paph. delenatii v. album  3" seedling  $20.00 

Paph. Dollgoldi BS multi growth $150.00   
Paph. emersonii lg seedling to NBS $70.00  
Paph. fowliei seedling $25.00  
Paph. fowliei BS $50.00  
Paph. gratrixianum BS $45.00  
Paph. helenae BS in bloom now $50.00  
Paph. hennisianum BS $45.00 
Paph. hangianum large BS growth $200.00  
Paph. hangianum large, wide leaves, BS in spike 
$300.00  Sold  
Paph. javanicum BS in bloom $55.00
Paph. micranthum BS single growth $60.00  
Paph. micranthum 'Woody's AM/AOS BS multi growth $400.00  
Paph. micranthum 'Woody's' AM/AOS BS, 2 growth, $300.00  Sold  
Paph. philippinense  large BS, 8 growths, wide leaves, $200.00

Paph. potentianum BS $45.00  
Paph. praestans small BS $50.00  
Paph. rothschildianum x Gloria Naugle lg seedling / NBS $100.00
Paph. sukhakulii BS $50.00  
Paph. sukhakulii seedling $20.00  
Paph. superbiens BS $45.00  
Paph. tonsum seedling $25.00  
Paph. trainlienianum BS multi growth $85.00  
Paph. trainlienianum BS single growth $55.00.....sold
Paph. urbanianum BS in bud $50.00 
Paph. venustum BS $45.00  
Paph. vietnamense BS $100.00  
Paph. wardii v. album BS $50.00  
Phrag. besseae v. flavum 'Rob' BS 2-growth division in bud...just about to open! $250.00 (awesome plant!)
Phrag. ecuadorense 'Si' BS single growth with a start $45.00  
Phrag. ecuadorense 'Charlie' single growth with a start $100.00  
Phrag. Eumilia Arias BS multi growth $70.00  
Phrag. Grande small BS divisions $35.00  
Phrag. Grande 'Coffee' multigrowth BS $200.00  Sold

Phrag. hirtzii x Praying Mantis BS $45.00
Phrag. Jason Fischer 'Si' (miniature clone) small BS $45.00  
Phrag. kovachii seedling  $100.00  
Phrag. lindenii BS $70.00  
Phrag. Magdalene Rose 4N x self lg seedlings $25.00  

Phrag. Magdalene Rose 4N x besseae BS $45.00
Phrag. Mini Grande 'Charlie' BS $60.00  
Phrag. Olaf Gruss BS $50.00  
Phrag. Petite Elf BS $45.00  
Phrag. Praying Mantis BS $45.00  
Phrag. richteri BS $40.00  
Phrag. richteri x d'allesandroi BS $50.00  
Phrag. Sedenii BS $45.00  
 Phrag. Sunset Glow 4N BS $50.00  
Phrag. Taras x Green Hornet BS $45.00  
Phrag. tetzlaffianum BS division $80.00  
Phrag. seedlings 
These have been growing ex-flask in community pots for 18 months.  Now, they're newly potted out into 2 1/2" pots....... $25.00 each - 5 for $100.00......NEW RELEASE....Awesome crosses!!!!


#604 – 6 Phragmipedium Ruby Slippers (caudatum x besseae ‘Cow Hollow II’ FCC/AOS)

#605 – 9 Phragmipedium Mem. Dick Clements ‘Rocket Flash’ 4N x manzurii ‘Waunakee’

#607 – 7 Phragmipedium Summer Sun (Eric Young ‘Rocket Fire’ 4N x Waunakee Sunset ‘Cherry’)

#584 – 9 Phragmipedium Saint Ouen (Hanne Popow ‘Jersey’ AM/RHS 4N x besseae ‘Cow Hollow II’ FCC/AOS)

#556 – 4 Phragmipedium Acker's Trinket (Hanne Popow 'Jersey' AM/RHS [4N] x Waunakee Sunset 'Cherry')

#625 – 8 Phragmipedium manzurii ‘Waunakee’ x Hanne Popow ‘White’

#611 – 7 Phragmipedium Hanne Popow ‘White’ x manzurii ‘Waunakee’

#608 – 3 Phragmipedium Autumn Fire ‘Colorstorm’ x schlimii ‘Isolde’

#609 – 8 Phragmipedium Saint Ouen – flavacolor (Hanne Popow ‘Jersey’ AM/RHS [4N] x besseae var. flavum ‘Germany #2’)

#614 – 2 Phragmipedium besseae ‘Rocket Town’ [4N] x Petite Queillette

#618 – 6 Phragmipedium Don Wimber 4N (Eric Young ‘Rocket Fire’ [4N] x besseae ‘Rocket Town’ [4N])

#624 – 9 Phragmipedium Don Wimber (Eric Young ‘Rocket Fire’ [4N] x besseae ‘Cow Hollow II’ FCC/AOS)

#610 – 2 Phragmipedium Grouville 4N (Eric Young ‘Rocket Fire’ [4N] x Hanne Popow ‘Jersey’ AM/RHS [4N])

#583 – 3 Phragmipedium Jason Fischer (Mem. Dick Clements ‘Rocket Flash’ 4N x besseae ‘Cow Hollow II’ FCC/AOS)

#588 – 7 Phragmipedium Acker’s Trinket x Mem. Dick Clements ‘Rocket Flash’ 4N

#599 – 5 Phragmipedium Acker’s Lovely x besseae var. flavum ‘Chuck’s Choice’ AM/AOS

#598 – 2 Phragmipedium Acker’s Lovely (Waunakee Sunset ‘Cherry’ x manzurii ‘Waunakee’)

#601 – 5 Phragmipedium Waunakee Sunset ‘Cherry’ x besseae var. flavum ‘Germany #2’

#577 – 9 Phragmipedium Rosy Charm (Mem. Dick Clements ‘Rocket Flash’ 4N x schlimii ‘Isolde’)

#632 – 8 Phragmipedium Magdalene Rose ‘Mother’ 4N x manzurii ‘Waunakee’

#616 – 1 Phragmipedium Carmine x Mem. Dick Clements ‘Rocket Flash’ [4N]

Promenea ovatiloba BS $30.00  
Sobralia macrantha 'Charlie' BS division $50.00

Stanhopea anfracta 'Orchid Court' AM/AOS x self seedlings $10.00  

Tillansia cyanea BS $40.00    

Vanda tricolor large seedling $45.00 


Phrag. kovachii seedling $100.00