How to order


Please read carefully 

Simply review the plant list and choose your plants.  Then, send us an e-mail, explain what you'd like and ask any questions you may have about your selections.  We'll reply to your questions, confirm availability and provide a proforma invoice for your order, not including the cost of shipping, which won't be known until your order is packed and we have an exact box weight and dimensions.  Please do not ask us to estimate the shipping cost.  Because of the unique size, weight and dimensions of each package....and the vast size of Canada, it is impossible to quote shipping cost before the plants are actually packed. 

The shipping cost is determined by 3 variables.  1) The destination of the package (distance from Hamilton, Ontario).  2) The exact dimensions of the package.  3) The weight of the package.  Whatever the cost, it will be reasonable for the distance travelled, dimensions of the box and the weight it ends up being.  We only charge the exact amount that is paid to Canada Post on your behalf.  We do not charge a packing fee.  We do not charge a packing materials fee.  We do not charge a "handling" or delivery (to the post office), fee and we do not add any markup to the price that we paid to Canada Post.

Because everybody's order is made up of different plants, each of a different weight and different size and each order is going to a different place in Canada, we CANNOT accurately estimate the cost of shipping ahead of time, any more easily than you can.  Sorry. 

We do everything that we can to reduce the cost of shipping for you.  If a plant is in a clay pot and it's feasable, we often suggest you approve that the plant be sent out of pot, to reduce the weight.  If a plant is in a very heavy potting material such as gravel, we will often ask for your approval for us to shake out much of that heavy material before packing.  We are VERY aware of the fact that nobody likes to pay for shipping and that everybody wants the cost of shipping to be as low as possible.  But, we CANNOT provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost before all the variables are accounted for, which only happens AFTER everything has already been packed, which is of course, after you have already committed to the purchase and placed an order.

Please review the proforma invoice and confirm that you wish to complete the purchase.  Once your payment has arrived, we will ship your order a.s.a.p....usually on a Monday or Tuesday.

***Don't forget to provide your name and shipping address.***

Then, we will e-mail you a second invoice, which will be only for the actual cost of shipping.  Please pay this bill promptly.  *Please note*  When we pay the shipping for you, this is an extremely short-term, personal loan from us to you.  The terms of that loan are that you agree to refund the shipping cost back to us immediately upon receiving the shipping invoice.  Failure to pay the shipping invoice will result in collection action.



 Orders can be picked up at the greenhouse by appointment ONLY; no exceptions.  Orders will not be available to anyone who drops in without making an appointment. 

Or, we can ship your plants via Canada Post Parcel Post (usually in summer), XpressPost (usually in spring and fall), or Courier (usually in winter); whichever you prefer.  We charge you only the actual shipping cost that we must pay.  We do not charge a packing or handling fee.  These materials and services are free!

During frost free weather, plants will be shipped via Canada Post, parcel post unless you inform us that you prefer a different method.

 Orders can often be delivered to you in person at the SOOS meetings in Toronto, or the LOS meetings in London, or the RBG meetings in Burlington for free.  Please inquire if you'd like to arrange to pick up your order at a meeting.

At this point in time, we can only ship to addresses within Canada.  We do not export at this time.  Sorry.

Don't forget to provide us with your name and shipping address!


Payments can be made by cheque; or preferably - Interac E-Transfer.  If you do your banking on the Internet, this is a very easy and quick way to send and receive payment within Canada. 


Credit Cards 

We do not accept credit cards.  Sorry.

 Holding orders for later shipping/delivery

If you order plants and want us to hold them for later shipment or delivery, we will gladly accomodate your request, as long as the plants are paid for.

  Once you order a plant, please make payment immediately to ensure that it will be held for you.  Once your payment has arrived, we will mark it "SOLD" on the website.....or remove it altogether.

General information

Inspect plants thoroughly upon arrival to determine if you are happy with the transaction.  If you perceive a problem, please contact us immediately and we will do our very best to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.  We will always accurately and honestly describe the condition of all the plants that we sell.  Usually, the detailed information is on this website.  Please be sure to read the descriptions carefully.   

We are responsible for things such as plant health, size and condition at the time that we fill your order.  We only ship healthy plants that should thrive and perfom well if they are given the correct cultural conditions.  However, we cannot guarantee the performance, or survival of your plants once they leave us and are no longer in our care.  Once they are in your care and you approve of the size and condition upon arrival, they are your responsibility.  

We provide careful, expert packing, usually using strong styrofoam boxes....to insulate against extremes of temperature.  Our time and materials used are all provided to you for free.  We will do our very best to try and ensure that your plants arrive at your location in excellent health and condition.  However, if there is damage caused by the carrier, let us know IMMEDIATELY.  We grow the plants and we pack and ship them for you (not charging you any fee for our service, or materials); but, we are not responsible once your package is accepted by the carrier.  However, because we have the contract with the carrier, we must file a claim on your behalf for catastrophic damage to the contents, or loss of the package.  In those cases, you are automatically insured for up to a value of $100 (Canada Post).  if you're plants are worth more than $100 and you have asked us to pay for extra insurance, then you would qualify for a full refund from the carrier, once the claim has been approved.  

Canada Post and courier companies typically do a very good job of delivering packages containing live plants.  So, it is always highly unlikely that you will encounter any serious problems. 

However, in the rare event of a problem, carriers usually readily accept responsibility for severely damaged packages (causing damage to the contents) and lost packages which never arrive.  Keep in mind that claims for packages that were merely delayed during transit, or, which experienced temperature extremes causing damage to the plants, are not accepted by most carriers because they don’t accept time delay, or temperature related damage claims for perishable goods.  Although, claims for a refund of the shipping cost can be filed for packages that do not arrive within the Carrier's guaranteed time frame.  To help prevent any issues from cropping up, you will be given a tracking number as soon as your package is on it’s way.  You can use this to track your package online and monitor it as it moves through the carrier’s system.  This is a good way for you to catch any potential problems/delays and raise an alarm with the carrier, prompting them to intervene quickly enough to prevent losses. 


Winter shipments:

Courier shipments - depot to depot - are necessary in the winter to avoid freezing damage.  We will deliver your order to the courier depot and have it shipped to your nearest depot of your choice, where it will be held for you to pick up; thereby remaining safe and warm at all times (no travelling around town in an unheated delivery truck!).  We provide free delivery to the courier depot for orders over $100.  If you're not overly picky about the shipping date, we can deliver smaller orders to the depot for free when we happen to be in the area for something else anyway.  Please inquire about our schedule and we will arrange this for you, if we can.  Otherwise, if we must make a special trip into town to deliver your less than $100 order, a $20 delivery fee will apply.