Daily Orchids!



I will be adding approximately 10 new plants, each day; 3 to 5 times a week.  Plant photos will be of the actual plant being offered.  When possible, representative flower photos will also be posted.  If not, please Google the name and you'll see many photos online.


Plants can be picked up here (by appointment ONLY), or in Burlington, every other Monday at 6 p.m. just South of the Burlington Mall (again, by appointment).  Or, they can be delivered to you at a SOOS meeting in Toronto, or shipped via Canada Post XpressPost, or parcel post.


Please keep an eye on this page as I plan to update it very often as new plants are added and old ones are removed.


Arundina graminifolia

BS...…$25......Sale = $10.00 




Coelogyne cristata

NBS...….Established divisions  $15.00 





NBS to BS...…….$30.00 to $50.00





Laelia lobata alba 'Carlisle's Best x self

Seedlings...…$25.00  Photo is of the 'Carlisle' mother plant in bloom.




Miltonia morelliana 'Royalty' AM/AOS

BS divisions 3 to 5 bulbs......….$25.00   Photo is of the mother plant.




Paphiopedilum Carolyne Butcher

In bloom now...…$45.00.




Phrag besseae

BS...…$45.00 to $85.00




Phragmipedium kovachii 'Franceville' x self seedlings

$100......Sale...…= $50.00 …… Photo by Lise Beausejour





Phrag Mini Grande 'Spider' AM/AOS

$250.00 per single growth divisions.  A very vigorous clone.  The highest point score of any Mini Grande; just awarded in April of this year.  Photo is of the awarded division.




Phrag schlimii 'Charlie'

BS division....single growth plus 2 new starts...…The very BEST schlimii…..$400.00




Schomburgkia tibicinis

BS divisions...…$45.00 





Non-orchid plants: 


Green Sheet Moss

Living green moss.  Approximately 1 square foot...…$10.00



Spanish Moss

Living bunches of Tillandsia usneoides.  Exotic, hanging "moss".  Gently compressed, 2 cup volume...…$10.00.  This amount will "fluff up" to about 4 or 5 cups in volume.




Sphagnum Moss Cultures

Grow your own LIVE Sphagnum Moss to help save stressed, valuable plants in need of some TLC!

Each freshly made starter culture is planted in an 11" x 11" tray with ProMix HP, covered with New Zealand Sphagnum moss which has been top-planted with green growing tips of LIVE Sphagnum Moss!...….$25.00 each.

Give good light and keep constantly moist with rain water or R.O. water.  Feed weakly weekly with Miracle Grow.  Great for growing under lights!  That's where I get my best results!

A culture this size will produce 2 to 5 gallons (by loose volume), of live moss in one year.  Use this culture to start new cultures by harvesting and replanting the growing tips......and when they're a couple months old, you can begin using them to save rootless orchid plants by simply nestling the base of the plant into the live moss. 


Below is an example of a typical Moss Starter Culture in an 11" x 11" tray. 



Example:  Below is a football-sized ball of Moss that started out in a 4 inch pot just 6 months ago.