Other Orchids List

 Featuring divisions and spare plants from my personal and commercial collection. 

Many "one of a kind" special selections for the sophisticated collector!




Arundina graminifolia

Plants produce large, multi-branching stems carrying clusters of 2 inch white flowers with a coloured lip.  Flowers are produced sequentially over many months.  Foliage looks similar to bamboo and is quite attractive even when out of bloom. Blooming size plants in 5" pots at $30.00 each.




{NO photo at this time} 

Coelogyne mooreana 'Brockhurst' AM/AOS; FCC/RHS divisions - 4 1/2" pot - 1 lead - $50.00




  Coelogyne cristata - divisions

Blooming size plants (3 to 5 bulbs) - $30.00



Coelogyne Unchained Melody - divisions

Blooming size plants (3 to 5 bulbs) - $25.00 





{No photo at this time} 

Cypripedium parviflorum v. pubescens - divisions

Single-eye divisions in 4 1/2" pots - $45.00


Promenea Meadow Gold 'Carlisle Franceville'

A super cute, intermediate growing, miniature hybrid which freely produces long lasting, medium to deep yellow flowers each spring/summer.  BS divisions, potted in 2" clay pots - $25.00 each.



Vanda Lumpini Red x coerulea (pink)

 Blooming size plants hanging upside down for an exotic effect when blooming. Vigorous growers - mainly autumn and winter blooming.  Sprays of up to 10 large flowers per stem.  $50.00 each.  



Vanda Sansai Blue 3n 

 An easy grower and bloomer!  Blooming size plants in 6" clay pots.  Will bloom any time of year that there is good light.  Excellent for windowsill culture.  Blooms from 2 to 4 times per year with 6 to 12, 4"+ flowers per stem.  Blooms last about 6 weeks on the plant and up to 3 weeks as cuts.  $60 each.  Some smaller plants also available.